Last night I had the curious idea that I should create a song and inform every step of the process — the key of the song, the genre, the tempo, everything — with the power of statistics!


To do this, I first had to find data on current music that I could analyze. Luckily, Spotify has made a ton of data on their songs public. The information out there is really vast and extremely friendly to use.

I have linked my data sources here and here.


I used the programming language, R, for all of my analysis. You could probably…

The World Happiness Report is an annual publication that ranks over 150 countries based on how happy the citizens living in them are.

But what does it mean to be happy? How do you even begin to quantify such an abstract concept that the Greeks and Absurdists alike have struggled to define for years?

And even if one is able to quantify happiness, how does one explain that the average Pakistani (rank #67) is 33% happier than the average Indian (rank# 140)?

And what is the secret to happiness anyway? Do the Nordics know something we don’t?

Are poorer countries…

Shreyas Chaturvedi

Data Analyst trying to answer life's questions with the aid of numbers.

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